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3D PvP Dice on the SOLANA network

True PHYSICS based, verifiable outcomes

Daily earnings for Sol Rollaz NFT hodlers

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Team Rollaz 

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The RollMap

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SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif
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May 2022

  • Release of Sol Rollaz Beta Version 1.0 Android app on the Google Play store

  • Twitter Sol Rollaz winnerz will be announced and will select a Soll Rollaz NFT of their choice from the collection (10 give-aways)

  • The Sol Rollaz collection will open on Magic Eden to the public for purchase

  • Discord will open to Sol Rollaz owners

June 2022

  • Release of iOS app on the iStore

July 2022

  • Based on Sol Rollaz NFT holders voting, and feedback, changes and upgrades to the game for Beta Version 1.1 will be made

  • First update of app based on feedback to Beta Version 1.1 launched

  • Integration of SOL NFT partners for use of PFP in game, with players stats attached to the NFT (partners to be announced)

August 2022

  • Desktop version of Sol Rollaz launched

October 2022

  • Top Secret next level game mode revealed and launched with update #2.  This upgrade will result in greater earnings for Sol Rollaz hodlers and will take the dice gambling genre to the next level!

December 2022

  • Details of our launch into a metaverse revealed to the public

  • Land purchase in metaverse will take place

  • Development of a location to play Sol Rollaz in this environment will commence

March 2023

  • Launch of Sol Rollaz on our own land, in the metaverse of our community's choice!

The NFT Collection

210 unique, 3D playable NFT dice in the Sol Rollaz app

  Sol Rollaz NFTs collectively receive 50% of table fees, distributed daily

     Voting rights for development, and earnings from future app extensions and NFTs

SolDice #114.gif
SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif
SolDice #148.gif

Get a pre-release SNEAK PEEK at the Sol Rollaz NFTs here: 

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